Industry Expertise

Banking and Finance
Bank Finance

One-stop banking and finance solution with the highest level of security and scalability.

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Logistics icon

Delivering innovative logistics solutions by harnessing data and driving meaningful insights.

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Mining icon

With innovative mining tools, Watsoo helps you enhance mining operations.

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Construction icon

Boost construction productivity and get real-time reports by integrating IoT devices.

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Agriculture icon

Reduce operational costs with our tailored agricultural fleet management solution.

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Public Transport

Track, manage, and optimize public transport needs with our comprehensive vehicle tracking system.

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Water Supply
water supply

Get full ownership of water tankers and real-time reports anywhere with our water management system.

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Oil & Gas
Oil and Gas icon

Get live location and maintenance insights to manage oil & gas fleets remotely.

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Our Products and Services



Tailored. Intuitive. Transparent

  • Built on modules such as finance, accounting, inventory management, SCM, and HR into a unified system
  • Integration capabilities with your existing system or other IoT devices to fit your business's requirements
  • Scalable solution to meet a company's specific requirements, whether a small business or a large enterprise
  • Cloud-based ERP nullifies the need for hardware infrastructure
  • An mobile-centric ERP system, allows employees to access critical business data and perform tasks remotely
  • A powerful SFA solution to amplify your sales processes and boost efficiency

Blockchain and CBDC Solutions

Scalable. Flexible. Secure

  • Providing custom blockchain solutions that are developed with cutting-edge blockchain technologies
  • Crypto wallet development solution for putting away and controlling digital forms of money
  • Smart contract development solution to craft conflict-free contracts for the business ecosystem
  • Creating strategic advisory and consulting services to help businesses leverage the power of blockchain
  • Delivering tailored hyper-ledger application and multichain blockchain development solutions

Software Development using AI/ML

Design. Innovate. Development

  • Multilingual Intelligent AI-powered Chatbot development
  • Strategise new ideas on your software's UI/UX
  • Web and mobile app development, incorporating the power of AI/ML and Generative AI
  • End-to-end development services that seamlessly adapt to your project requirements

Facial Recognition System

Detect. Verify. Recognise

  • Camera integration to detect faces
  • Powering AI/ML-based facial recognition using Python and an open CV
  • Strengthening the backend system using Java Spring Boot
  • Frontend design using React/Angular as per the requirements of the bank
  • Development of mobile apps using native apps in Swift and Kotlin
Telematics Solutions

Telematics Solutions

Track. Monitor. Securely Deliver.

  • Enhance logistics efficiency with our IoT-integrated supply chain suite
  • Tailored FTL and PTL software solutions for optimized transportation logistics
  • Boost warehouse productivity with our advanced automation software
  • Optimize fleet performance and reduce costs with real-time fuel monitoring and management systems

MIS Reporting Solutions

Capture. Consolidate. Consider

  • Consolidate data from multiple sources for a comprehensive view
  • Gain insights through interactive dashboards and data visualisations
  • Generate customisable reports and real-time analytics for informed decision-making
  • Automate workflows and processes, reducing manual efforts and increasing efficiency
  • Access critical information and make decisions on-the-go

AIS - 140

Secure. Exceptional. Intelligent System - Prithvi AIS 140

  • Real-time GPS fleet tracking device monitoring
  • Overspeed warnings to control driver behavior
  • Emergency buttons to increase safety and speed up response times
  • Transparency and asset visibility are made simple by Prithvi
  • Press the SoS button to notify the emergency server of your location
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Vehicle Tracking Devices

Track. Manage. Efficient - Watsoo Vehicle Tracking Sensors

  • Real-time tracking and emergency response for hassle-free dispatchment
  • Track metrics like speeding, harsh braking, and rapid acceleration
  • Set virtual boundaries around specific locations and receive alerts
  • Mobile apps for easy access to real-time location data and trip history
  • Track past trips and optimise future routes for saving time and fuel
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vehicle Tracking devices

Fuel Sensor

Track. Optimize. Save on Fuel - Watsoo Fuel Sensors

  • Provides accurate information on the amount of fuel remaining in the tank
  • Send an alert or notification when the fuel level dips below a pre-set threshold
  • Fuel sensors can detect unusual fuel level drops or potentially indicate fuel theft
  • Designed to operate in harsh environments within the fuel tank
  • Connected to a GPS tracking device to analyse fuel usage
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Digital Lock

Strong. Smart. Safe - Watsoo Digital Lock

  • Eliminate the need for physical keys and their associated hassles
  • Grant or revoke access remotely from a centralized system
  • Maintain a digital record of all access events like user IDs, and attempted entries
  • Built to withstand harsh weather conditions and constant use in demanding environments
  • Lock or unlock it in a chosen geo-fence area with the security of OTP
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Digital Lock
load sensors

Load Sensor

Control. Validate. Prevent Overload - Watsoo Load Sensors

  • Let's control and validate the axle load of your trucks
  • A device to care for your fleet with real-time weight on each axis
  • It is a customisable solution with accurate reporting and dynamic dashboards
  • Set alarm thresholds to receive a warning when the minimum load is reached
  • Tracking weight distribution patterns across different routes
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