Safety, Efficiency And Security While Mining.

From cost optimization to quick decisionmaking, IoT in the mining industry is a completely efficient option. Let IoT help your mining industry to improve their metal extracting process; they make the process more accurate and, thus, less waste-generating.

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Why IoT in Mining

The use of the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the mining industry significantly. The communication supported by Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technology can be extended to any application in the work area.

The integration offers great benefits by improving safety, increasing efficiency, and reducing operational costs. Various parameters need to be monitored in the operations, often in real-time, to enable efficient decision-making.

What We Offer

Autonomous Mining Equipment

Autonomous Mining Equipment

Mining is now safer and more affordable thanks to IoT-enabled autonomous machinery and vehicles. These devices operate the self-driving vehicles and machinery remotely over a high-bandwidth internet connection from kilometers away, protecting workers from danger.

  • Complete Control Over Equipment
  • Safer And Cost-Efficient
  • Advance Workflow

Location And Proximity Sensors

IoT sensors use GPS, radar, and RF-locating technologies to locate nearby heavy machinery or vehicles in order to prevent accidents in mines. Mining workers utilize this information to safeguard themselves and their coworkers against mishaps that could result in fatalities.

  • Get Live Location
  • Detect Loopholes
  • Manage & Save Time

On-Demand Ventilation Systems

Mines often experience contamination as it fills them with deadly gases and hazardous materials. These hurdles can delay work and cause workers to fall sick or even die due to extreme exposure. Today, with an IoT-based efficient ventilation system, it is possible to detect the quantity of contamination at the exact location and adjust the ventilation accordingly.

  • Create Safe Work Environment
  • Fasten Workflow
  • Detect Contamination Quantity

Predictive Maintenance Sensors

IoT sensors are being installed in mining equipment to provide data on the health and operating conditions of machinery. The sensors provide predictive maintenance to ensure worker safety and save the cost of repeated repairs. Thanks to this support, the mining company can plan the maintenance of equipment and tools before they fail or malfunction.

  • Get Analytical Data
  • Optimize Operational Conditions
  • Get Predictive Maintenance Report

Fleet Management Sensors

IoT improves fleet visibility and management. From a central location, companies can monitor and control their trucks and machines. Theft, waste, unauthorized access, and other problems are reduced thanks to effective truck tracking and control. It also reduces mining costs and ensures the safety of workers on the road.

  • Control Over Mining Fleets
  • Know Free Fleets
  • Reduce Risks

Visualization Software

Mines are vast spaces to plan, navigate and operate. IoT technologies have simplified planning through innovative and precise tools such as GPS and sensors. Access more data derived for Big Data visualization to develop informed and safe strategies to make mining operations successful.

  • Plan Through Accurate Analysis
  • Access More Data
  • Make Confident Strategies

What You Get

Equipment Tracking, Better Managing, Serve The Best With Iot.

Improved Safety


Automated Mining


Predictive Analytics


Fleet & Fuel Management


Advanced Workflow



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