Digital Locks

Digital Locks

Digital Locks

Cargo Confidence in the Digital Age, Trust Our Locks for Unrivalled Security.

In most businesses, the shipment of goods plays a crucial role. In such a scenario, having a solution to track the safety of goods is necessary. Digital locks are electronic security systems that use codes, biometrics, or mobile technology to control access. In the logistics industry, Digital Locks enhance security and streamline operations. They provide tamper-proof mechanisms for cargo containers, warehouses, and vehicles.


Benefits of Digital Locks

For logistic industries Digital Locks are becoming a common vocabulary. The locks provide a strong layer of security for cargo containers, warehouses and transportation vehicles. The use of codes, biometrics, or mobile technology ensures tamper-proof access control, minimizing the risk of theft or unauthorized entry. Features like remote access and real-time monitoring, companies can manage access permissions efficiently. This led Digital Locks to contribute to streamlined operations

A Vision to Reform Transportation

Using IoT devices in transportation is a big step in the right direction for safety

Secure Access

Robust electronic controls for authorized entry to cargo spaces.

Remote Monitoring

Real-time oversight of access points for efficient permissions management.

Tamper-Proof Tech

Biometrics, codes, or mobile authentication to prevent unauthorized access.

Audit Trail

Digital log of access events for transparency and accountability.


Seamless integration with existing logistics and security systems.

Custom Permissions

Flexible access permissions for dynamic logistics operations.


What is an E-Lock on a Truck?

The Electronic Lock allows fleet managers to remotely control the locking and unlocking of their trucks' containers. A GPS E-lock provides an additional security layer to the asset, providing features like geo-fencing to define boundaries and receive alerts if assets move outside them. 

Can Digital Locks be hacked?

Like any other wireless technology, digital locks are at risk of being hacked. But when compared to manual locks, digital locks are far more safe & secure. A Digital Lock provides extensive security features and alerts when tampered with by fraud. It allows you to take prompt action against the fraud. I mean, it is always better to have something than nothing.

What are key features of GPS Electronic Lock in Fleet Management?

The main features include the ability to remotely unlock containers by RFID, Password, or OTP, alerts and notifications to any tampering attempt, real-time location tracking, safety control measures, an illegal unlock alarm, and so on.

Will I be informed if the Digital Lock Device malfunctions?

Yes, if the device malfunctions, it will send a notification to the owner to ensure they are aware of any potential problems.

Which is the best Digital Lock in India?

Watsoo Telematic's Digital Locks are the best choice for protecting Indian fleets, combining the latest security technology with the strength of a heavy-duty body to withstand harsh weather conditions.