Vehicle tracking system

Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)

Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)

VTS confirms effortless logistics and prompt deliveries.

You are aware that tracking requires a lot of work if your company relies on commercial driving. You have to pay attention to the driver and the fleets. Additionally, if you don't keep an eye on your fleet's activities, your company might lose money given the rising price of fuel.  Therefore, you need Vehicle Tracking System Software to oversee the activities of your fleet. The procedure can be made simpler, more affordable, and more effective with the right software. The software sets your priorities, from monitoring real-time locations to planning maintenance and part inventories.


Benefits of Vehicle Tracking System

In logistics, VTS optimizes delivery routes, reducing fuel costs and environmental impact. For businesses, it ensures timely services, fostering customer satisfaction. In personal use, it acts as a security feature, enabling owners to monitor their vehicles remotely. The versatility of VTS extends to public transport systems, contributing to better urban planning by analyzing traffic patterns. In essence, the Vehicle Tracking System isn't just about knowing where vehicles are; it's about transforming data into actionable intelligence for smarter, safer, and more efficient transportation.

A Vision to Reform Transportation

Using IoT devices in transportation is a big step in the right direction for safety

Real-Time Tracking

Robust electronic controls for authorized entry to cargo spaces.


Real-time oversight of access points for efficient permissions management.

Route Optimization

Biometrics, codes, or mobile authentication to prevent unauthorized access.

Historical Tracking

Digital log of access events for transparency and accountability.

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Seamless integration with existing logistics and security systems.


Flexible access permissions for dynamic logistics operations.


What is a Vehicle Tracking System?

With its simplest definition, a Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) is an integrated system that allows the tracking and controlling of vehicles used by transport companies. 24*7 location tracking, setting routes and boundaries for a fleet, accessibility to mobile devices, and notifications or alerts in an emergency are some of the key features of the system.

When do I need a Vehicle Tracking System?

If you are in the logistics or transportation industry, a VTS is a must-have solution. It is required to effectively manage your fleet operations, such as route optimisation, operating cost management, increasing fleet visibility, reducing fuel costs, improving driving behaviour, and so on.

How do Vehicle Tracking Systems work?

A Vehicle Tracking System integrates several IoT devices, such as GPS trackers, fuel sensors, load sensors, driver monitoring dashcams, and many more, to provide a comprehensive suite. The system software's dashboard visually displays the data transmitted from these devices, giving you insight into the health of your vehicle.

How does VTS Enable Fuel Monitoring in my Fleets?

When Fuel Monitoring technology combines with the Vehicle Tracking System, it helps accurately record fuel-level readings and such as fuel consumption based on distance travelled, utilisation of vehicles, and so on. This data improves your decision-making to enhance fleet efficiency and productivity by optimising fuel consumption and avoiding idle truck hours.

What is the best Vehicle Tracking System in India?

Watsoo's VTS comes with easy-to-use software integrated with intelligent IoT sensors that give you timely and accurate alerts. Some of the key features include notification on ignition status, over-speeding report, idling report, SOS button, fuel monitoring, geo-fencing and geo-tagging, nearest vehicle locator, driving behaviour monitoring, and many more. Contact us for an innovative way to monitor your fleets!