Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance

Watsoo Express for the Banking & Finance Industry.

Simplify complex financial processes and keep up with ever-changing regulations with innovation.

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Banking on Success

Building a successful financial institution requires Security, Efficiency, Accuracy, and Agility. Watsoo Express understands your challenges and provides integrated finance-specific solutions designed to drive productivity, ensure security, and simplify complex processes across BFSI and NBFCs.

What We Offer

Tailored Solutions for Banking & Financial Organisations

Blockchain-Based Solutions

Tap into the power of a decentralized, transparent, and secure network that solves your real-world problems through our transformative blockchain solutions.

  • Custom blockchain solution.
  • Smart contract development.
  • Credit blockchain development.
  • Blockchain assessment & consulting.

CBDC Solutions

CBDC platforms that simplify transactions, reduce financial risks, and enabling faster money transfers.

  • Platform development for CBDCs.
  • Reconciliation engine.
  • Mobile wallet development.

Core Banking System

Get greater freedom on account transactions with our secure technological solution dedicated to banking organisations.

  • Secure transaction management.
  • Management of accounts, loans, and disbursements.
  • 24X7 banking service available to customers.
  • Maintain required documentation and regulatory reporting.

Regulatory Reporting

Watsoo's Regulatory Reporting solution simplifies transaction reporting by automating the process of collecting, enriching, and verifying transaction information.

  • Ensure compliance by covering all relevant data sources.
  • Image processing for document verification.
  • Analytical financial MIS reporting.
  • Error and reporting status for audit purposes.

Resource Deployment

Whether you require one person or a whole team for a year, we provide a completely flexible team, ready for rapid deployment.

  • Easy capacity management.
  • Firm allocation to priority-based projects.
  • Good reporting capabilities for resource data.
  • Resource planning fully integrated with master planning.

Account Aggregation

Get a 360-Degree Perspective of Your Finances with Your Own Financial Command Centre.

  • Multi-account integration.
  • Net worth tracking.
  • Automatic data retrieval.
  • Data security and encryption.

Credit Profiling

Using precise credit profiling, you can make more informed financial decisions.

  • Credit score calculation.
  • Risk Assessment and modeling.
  • Credit report generation.
  • Identify credit application fraud.

AI-Powered Multilingual Chatbot

Integrate an intelligent, multilingual chatbot assistant to answer customer queries 24/7 in their local language.

  • Inbuilt GenAI mechanism.
  • Answer all the queries of users.
  • Automatic detection of language preference.
  • Consistent and accurate information delivery.

Facial Recognition

The evolution to attendance and access control using HNI Facial Recognition.

  • High-accuracy face detection.
  • Centralised database management.
  • Secure data transmission and storage.
  • Intuitive UI & integration capability.
  • AI/ML based algorithm with self-learning and accuracy.

What You Get

Step into the future of money management.

Secure Digital Transactions


Instant Cross-border Settlement


Blockchain-based Web & Mobile Wallet


Financial Visibility and Traceability


Seamless Integration Capabilities


24x7 Resource Availability

Activate Advanced Features For Banking and Finance With IOT.