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Watsoo - end-to-end IoT solution looking to change the way for telematic business.

The complexity in the telematic industry is becoming easy with new IoT innovations. IoT is helping in efficient cost, quality and time use in various sectors. Watsoo already offers a coordinated solution package to anyone who wants to increase productivity and improve their future prospects.

Hardware Solution:
Keeping Machinery in Top Condition

With the latest IoT enabled sensors & devices, Watsoo presents operation become more efficient. Our hardware line includes:

  • AIS140 - Latest vehicle tracking system
  • Fuel Sensors - to save on fuel & prevent theft
  • Digital Locks - to safeguard your valuable asset
  • Load Sensors - to optimize the fleet's weight
  • GPS Devices - innovative fleet location tracking

End-To-End Support System With IoT

Our user-oriented telematics system solution provides you with all the relevant information to optimize your vehicle deployment & optimal machinery usage. We're committed to increasing the transparency of your business operation. Our end-to-end solution with IoT includes:

  • Vehicle Tracking System
  • Fuel Monitoring System
  • Trip Management System
  • Water Transport Management

Benefits With Watsoo Telematics Solution

  • Complete Overview: information about the operating status is independent of location and time.
  • Relief: optimized disposition and planning processes to avoid unnecessary operation.
  • Transparency: simplified maintenance through detailed analyzes of the operating and usage behaviour of the machines.
  • Fast: short response times in the event of faults.
  • Efficiency: minimization of downtimes through optimal processing of service appointments.

Let Watsoo Automate Your Business Operations



What are the IoT Solutions for Transportation Sector?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is responsible for the next digital transformation. IoT solutions are the integrated system of computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, sensors, software, and other technologies for connecting and exchanging data that transport companies can utilise to solve problems more efficiently.

Why are IoT Solutions important for my Fleet?

The Internet of Things (IoT) plays a significant role in fleet management by providing real-time information on the location & status of vehicles. This assists in overcoming fleet management challenges by supplying data on fuel consumption, operating costs, and the condition of the vehicles.

What are the 5 latest Technologies used in IoT?

The significant technologies that boost IoT consist of machine learning, artificial intelligence, cutting-edge sensors, big data, and blockchain technology. Watsoo Telematics integrates all the latest technology within its systems and devices to offer the utmost solution to you.

Which are the Top Fleet Management Companies in India?

When it comes to managing your fleet effectively, one system may not fit all businesses. Customers' specific requirements and unique business characteristics need to be considered in finding an appropriate fleet management provider. However, if you are a start-ups or small or medium business in India, Watsoo Telematics IoT solutions can be the perfect choice for you. Contact us to learn more!

Which is the Best Telematics IoT Company in India?

India-based Watsoo Telematics, founded by industry experts with rich experience in telematics, has designed several end-to-end solutions to secure your supply. It has an AIS-140 GPS Tracker, Fleet Management Systems, Fuel Sensors, Trip Management Systems, Load Sensors, and so on. Want to learn more about us? Schedule a free live demo!