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Why IoT in Transportation

IoT solutions promise to make public transportation more innovative and more successful at what they do. The IoT is at the core of forces reshaping transportation to provide more excellent safety, efficient travel, improved vehicle and aircraft maintenance, and strategic traffic management.
IoT devices are deployed for many applications to provide efficient and secure transport in urban areas, notably in ticketing, security, surveillance, and telematics systems. IoT sensors in transportation collect data about the real-world scenario and transmit it over specialized software to transform that data into useful information.

What We Offer

Public Transportation Solution Backed By Intelligent Iot

Latest Vehicle Tracking Systems

Vehicle tracking systems can be used in any vehicle whether be buses, autos, rikshaws, and more. Simple retrofitting is possible without much effort with PLUG & PLAY devices or easy-to-install GPS hardware for your vehicle. They also help to monitor driver behavior and can collect data that informs on idling time and driving style.

  • Real-Time View
  • Collect Accurate Data
  • Optimize Idling Time

Smart Fleet Management

Clearly have all vehicle and driver information. This allows you to make faster and more precise decisions. The dashboards, graphs, and charts can be customized specifically to suit your operational needs. Individual evaluations can also be created.

  • Monitor The Fleet’s Path
  • Know Fleets’ Weight
  • Enforce Supervision

Advanced & Improved Security

Managers can detect traffic offenses and take corrective action by employing IoT devices to monitor all forms of transportation. IoT in transportation also supports public transportation management by offering a variety of smart solutions, including automated fare collecting, integrated ticketing, passenger information systems, and vehicle logistics solutions.

  • Track Traffic Rule Violations
  • Automated Fare Collection
  • Instant Alerts

Trace Driver’s Behavior

A driver is the most important employee in any transport company. He is in direct contact with passengers every day and represents you as a company to the outside world. Therefore, you need to check your driver’s driving habits and IoT is here to help. IoT can help with real-time & accurate data on Overspeed, harsh brakes, quick acceleration, and more & allow you to make an informed decision.

  • Honest With Customers
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Reduce Stress

New Drive Technologies

Digitization also means the development and implementation of new drive technologies in the public transport sector. Watsoo has end-to-end IoT support to advance you and your public transport company individually.

  • Optimize Driving Style
  • Insights to Improve
  • Always Available

What You Get

Equipment Tracking, Better Managing, And Serve The Best With IoT.

Real-time vehicle tracking


Data analysis


Personalized travel information


Instant Alerts


Monitoring Of Vehicle Load


Prevent Fuel Theft

All-In-One Solution For Public Transport