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Why IoT in Construction

Many construction companies — especially large ones — have several projects happening simultaneously. That reality complicates the necessity of tracking assets. Instead of monitoring equipment locations at one site, company representatives must track valuable machines across dozens or more.
Fortunately, the IoT can help in those cases. The number of assets tracked or the fact that they’re at numerous locations does not negatively impact the technology’s ability to work.

What We Offer

Construct a Robust Fleet For Your Construction Sites With Watsoo

Manage Multiple Sites In One Place

Watsoo makes it very convenient to locate crew, move equipment, and monitor performance. Keep your eyes and ears open at multiple locations simultaneously and manage your field staff, vehicles, and equipment remotely.

  • Monitor The Sites’ Performance At Once
  • Manage Your Field Employees
  • Track Vehicles And Equipment Remotely.

Fuel Monitoring System

IoT sensors identify fuel-saving opportunities and monitor, manage and improve your fleet’s operations at your construction site. Involve and spread the fuel culture among all stakeholders with clear analyses and real-time insights.

  • Identify Fuel-Saving Opportunities
  • Get Clear Analytic Report
  • Prevent From Fuel-Theft

Fleet Management System

Using IoT for fleet management can help increase efficiency, transparency, and manageability while reducing costs. Watsoo's latest telematics solutions can enable predictive fleet maintenance, improve driver work and monitor freight.

  • Boost Fleet Efficiency
  • Get Visibility Of Fleet’s Location
  • Enable Predictive Fleet Maintenance

Promote Overall Safety

It is crucial to keep your site safe since accidents can result in extensive damage, death, and other consequences. Therefore, besides wearing the required personal protective equipment, IoT tools can help you keep your site safe.

  • Know Which Site Needs A Change
  • Get Real-Time Report Of Sites
  • Predictive Analysis To Set Preventive Measure

Sensors For Machinery

Implementing the IoT technology allows tracking of what tools your company already has on-site. It reduces the necessary time and money to spend on urgent tasks. Also, thanks to GPS trackers with IoT-enabled sensors, you can precisely track the vehicle fleet's location and position of landscaping equipment.

  • Track Machines Working Condition
  • Focus On Machine’s Improvement
  • Optimize Use To Save More

Waste Management

IoT solutions can help managers monitor on-site trash levels, calculate the most efficient routes for waste collectors to reduce disposal costs, and collect real-time waste management data to optimize site operations.

  • Create Sustainable Plan For Managing Waste
  • Get Insights Into Recycling Waste
  • Live Track To Waste Reusing

Real-Time Project Management

Project monitoring is essential in ensuring that work runs smoothly on-site. As a construction project manager and leader, you can eliminate redundancies on the site and improve productivity through the workplace data gathered by dependable IoT devices.

  • Run Smoothly On-Site Project
  • Eliminate Redundancies
  • Improve Productivity

What You Get

A Future-Proof Formula That Helps You Stay Ahead Of The Curve.

Real-time Visibility


Fuel Monitoring


Equipment Security


Automatic Alerts


Dynamic Dashboard


Service & Maintenance

Improve The Productivity Of Your Team Onsite