Water Supply

Water Supply

Iot Intelligence Is Revolutionizing The Water Management.

An End-to-End IoT solution ensures improved intelligent water management through IoT water sensors and prevents any leakage or other malfunctions.

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Why IoT in Water Supply

Efficient water management becomes an imminent need. The key lies in investing in cutting-edge innovations. Specifically, by incorporating the Internet of Things (IoT), the water supply becomes more resilient. The IoT is defined as the set of technologies applied to the interconnection of objects with each other, also commonly known for its machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, which allows devices to interact without the need for human intervention.

In its application to the water industry, the IoT helps us control and automate this resource's consumption in real time to achieve better energy efficiency.

What We Offer

Smart Water Management System Based On Iot Sensors

Iot Water Flow Meters

Manage flow between multiple distribution lines with smart IoT water flow meters. Save energy by knowing how much water flow is needed for a given distribution line. You can even prevent the loss of water caused by inaccurate meters, recover lost revenue, and bill more accurately.

  • Control & Manage The Flow
  • Keep An Eye On Distribution Lines
  • Save Power

Smart Meters And Monitoring Systems

What cannot be monitored cannot be corrected and a smart meter network that collects granular data in real-time across the water supply could help identify leaks, uncover hidden patterns in water consumption, use analytics predictive systems to regulate demand and supply, and configure alarms to notify anomalies.

  • Get Real-Time Water Consumption Report
  • Get Insights Into Future Consumption
  • Create Correct Water Consumption Routines

Water Level Monitoring

Overflowing tanks cause significant water losses. Simple IoT devices or sensors can detect high water levels and help fill tanks when needed instead of filling preset schedules, thus avoiding empty or overflow tanks. These sensors send signals to the water pump depending on the "full" or "empty" status of the tanks, based on which the pumps would automatically cycle on and off, eliminating both manual intervention and the need for pre-programmed settings.

  • Ragilate Water Level
  • Detect Leaks
  • Receive Instant Alerts

Water Quality Management System

Contaminated water is perhaps worse than inadequate water supplies. The three essential parameters for water quality, namely pH, temperature, and turbidity can be easily measured using pH sensors, temperature sensors, and turbidity sensors placed throughout the water supply network. Allowing you to access this information in real-time and acting immediately on damage control.

  • Accurate Quality Report
  • Get Regular Data From Multiple Samples
  • Know The Ph Of Water

What You Get

Pre-Configured Business Solution For Iot In Water.

Automatic Meter Reading


Leak Detections


Optimize Water Quality


Improved Water Supply


Manage Water Tanker


Minimize Wastage

All-In-One Iot Based Solution For Smart Water Supply