GPS Devices (GD)

GPS Device

Have control of your route and perfect your deliveries!

Your vehicle requires a watchdog to ensure that your fleet’s health is maintained. It saves the extra cost that is spent on repairing and protects you from unwanted accidents. The GPS tracking system plays a pivotal role in vehicle tracking systems (VTS) by providing real-time location information. Its primary purpose is to enhance fleet management, logistics and overall operational efficiency.


Benefits of GPS Devices

Businesses can extract numerous benefits from the system’s real-time tracking capabilities. Foremost, route optimization gets easy; now, you can easily plan the safest route for your deliveries. It ensures fast deliveries and promotes a culture of satisfied customers. Moreover, fleet managers can monitor vehicle speed, idle time, and adherence to predetermined routes, contributing to improved driver behavior and safety.

A Vision to Reform Transportation

Using IoT devices in transportation is a big step in the right direction for safety

Real-Time Tracking

It monitors the exact location of vehicles and shipments.

Two-way Communication
Two-way Communication

Enables instant communication between drivers and fleet managers, facilitating real-time updates.

History and Playback
History and Playback

It helps in identifying trends, improving efficiency, and making informed decisions.

Speed Monitoring

Monitors driver behavior, promoting safer driving practices and reducing accidents.

Integration with Fleet Management Software

Experience a centralized control and monitoring of the entire fleet.

Customizable Alerts

Alerts for issues such as delays, deviations from planned routes, or unexpected stops.


What is a GPS Tracking System?

A GPS tracking system is a technology that utilizes global positioning satellites to accurately determine and record the location of a person, vehicle, or asset in real time. It facilitates efficient monitoring and management.

Why is a GPS tracking system important?

It helps create geo-fencing for your commercial vehicles. It asserts an alert whenever the vehicle is out of the geo-fenced area. Thus, with this, you can maintain fleet health and monitor drivers' behaviour, saving from any unprecedented accidents.

What is the objective of a GPS Devices?

Most companies install the system to keep track of their commercial vehicles. They optimized the route for their drivers and monitored their behaviours like speeding, idle time or route deviation. Thus, it ensures safe and fast deliveries of any valuable asset.

Who needs a GPS Tracker?

Individuals and businesses benefit from GPS trackers to monitor and manage the location of vehicles, assets, or loved ones. Essential for fleet management, security, and ensuring safety, it provides real-time location information.

What are the common applications of GPS tracking systems?

GPS tracking systems find applications in fleet management, vehicle tracking, asset tracking, personal safety, and location-based services.