Water Transport Management

Water Transport Management (WTM)

Water Transport Management

We have designed Water Tanker management system where we have installed GPS devices along with water level sensor to detect water delivery and respective trips.



What is Watsoo Telematics's Water Transport Management (WTM) system?

It is a sophisticated system centred on technology, designed to provide you with prompt access, effective management, and efficient control over your water delivery services.

What Hardware is integrated with Watsoo's WTM?

We have developed a Water Tanker Management System with integrated GPS devices and water level sensors to track water deliveries and associated journeys.

Why Watsoo is the Best Water Transport Management System provider in India?

Watsoo Telematics's WTM is the best because it does not sell products but serves benefits for its clients. The company aims to automate your water transportation operations with an affordable yet feature-packed solution. Contact us to discuss your water transportation requirements.