Trip Management System

Trip Management System (TMS)

Trip Management System

We have designed TRIP Management system in such a way where we can geofence loading unloading points and with the use of GPS devices we detect the no of trips a vehicle has made.


Why is Trip Planning important?

At an enterprise level, planning a trip in advance allows companies to forecast their supply chain efficiency. It gives everyone time to thoughtfully consider where their vehicle has to go first and the estimated arrival time frame.

What is a Trip Management System?

The Trip Management System will record the entire journey of your vehicle. It shows each vehicle's comprehensive metrics, such as the route it followed, over speeding and braking reports, and how efficiently the driver drove the vehicle, so that you can make data-driven decisions to optimise the vehicle's performance.

What are the key features and benefits of Trip Management Software?

One of the significant benefits is that admins can predetermine the route and assign it to the vehicles. Whenever the fleet goes outside of the geo-fenced boundaries, the system gives alerts for prompt decision-making.

How does the Trip Management System safeguards school bus trips?

A school Bus Trip Management System is designed to track students' travel, school buses, & ensure safety. You can get a real-time location of the bus, send notifications to school and parents on arrival, incorporate the SOS button, and so on.

Which is the Best Trip Management System provider in India?

Watsoo Telematics provides a feature-rich cloud Trip Management System with the purpose of securing each journey of your fleet. Contact us to learn more about the solution that makes your trip management a breeze.