Advancing Education With IoT Devices.

Technology has helped in elevating the dynamics and scope of learning, and IoT is enabling education to become effectively practical.

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Why IoT in Schools

The development of education determines whether we can ensure continuous technological and cultural progress. As our demands on education continue to increase, smart technology for education is urgently needed. By applying IoT in schools, operating efficiency, campus security, and the quality of education can be improved.

Watsoo can create IoT school solutions for your needs, including hardware and software development for you. We focus on the development of sensors and beacons. Our smart devices can monitor campus spaces, classroom management, and energy efficiency.

What We Offer

Making A Better Education Ecosystem With Iot

School Bus Monitoring

IoT enables bus fleet managers to identify less congested routes and in turn slash both their carbon footprint and fuel spending. Through education and training fleet drivers can easily increase safety for students making it less likely for human error. Make sure when looking into a telematic system for your bus fleet that it meets your needs and is easily accessible.

  • Know The Bus Location Live
  • Get Insights Into Fuel Spending
  • Analyze Drivers’ Driving Habits

School Bus Attendance

It is a tough job to uphold each school child's attendance discreetly. An IoT solution for school bus tracking systems can record school bus attendance rapidly and effortlessly. The attendance details can be pushed to the school attendance database over a data connection.

  • Mark Attendance On-The-Go
  • Merge Data With School Attendance
  • Analyze Detailed Data Effortlessly

Easy Student Attendance

With IoT, the school can retrieve accurate data on attendance. With the biometric attendance system, this data remains free from human error. We could also track safety and quality of life through real-time location of students living in the dormitory.

  • Biometric Attendance Benefit
  • Pull Out Accurate Attendance Data
  • Free From Human Error

Interactive Devices

Interactive devices promote collaboration and communication. Even in a group project, students can readily share valuable data and collaborate in a better way. Smart boards and smart devices make the learning process simple, effective, and interactive. We can say goodbye to chalkboards and embrace the smart boards that enable lecturers to explain everything interactively using displays and films.

  • Engage Students Attention
  • An Advanced Way To Teach
  • No-Extra Stationery Expenses

Daily Task Manager

Managing daily activities at school and university is a monotonous task. Internet of Things solutions can streamline daily operations and automate tasks. This saves management and teachers a lot of time and effort. As a result, teachers can focus more on teaching and the management team can concentrate on other productive tasks.

  • Managing Daily Activities
  • Streamline Tasks
  • Save A Lot Of Time

What You Get

Equipment Tracking, Better Managing, Serve The Best With Iot.

Live Bus Tracking


Re-Route Planning




Streamlined School Assets


Student-Focused Approach


Intelligent Iot Devices

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