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Prithvi AIS-140 - A 360-degree government-mandated device for your fleet's real-time view.

Prithvi AIS 140 Device

Get road-ready with an iCAT-approved AIS 140 device- Prithvi AIS 140. Designed as per MoRTH guidelines. We are approved in all AIS-140-mandated states and are now approved in Maharashtra, Mahakhanij Mining too. Don't be unaware of your fleets! Stay on top by getting real-time inputs and making informed decisions in minutes.

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Prithvi AIS 140 device for your commercial vehicles

A 360-degree government-mandated solution for your fleet's real-time view. Prithvi AIS-140 is your best ally when you need an innovative GPS fleet tracking device. Prithvi AIS 140 device features include:

  • SOS/ Panic Button
  • 800mAh Large Battery Backup
  • 60000 Tracking Records with Solid-State Storage
  • Real-time tracking with IRNSS/GPS/GLONASS
  • Dust & Waterproof (ABS Plastic casing with IP66)
All this at just Rs. 3,500*

Why Choose Watsoo Prithvi AIS 140 Device?

Prithvi AIS 140 is your reliable partner when you need a cutting-edge monitoring device for your commercial vehicles. Don’t be blind to your fleets because Prithvi provides transparency and asset visibility easily. But why choose Watsoo’s AIS 140 device?

  • Powerful battery that supports a minimum of 4 hours backup.
  • Intelligent GPS Tracking So that you know real-time location of vehicles.
  • Get live alerts over-speeding, route deviation, vehicle maintenance, and more.
  • Power of AI that detects high-risk behavior of drivers so that you can take action on time.
  • Agile support staff who are ready to assist you round the clock.

All this at great price: Rs 3,500 + GST including 1-year Application and 1 Panic Button. Hurry! Offer valid till 31 May, 2023.

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